My Womack Ancestors


William Womack

Tradition says WILLIAM WOMACK was born Abt. 1620 in Possibly Kent, England, and died Bef. 1685 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co., VA. He married MARY ALLEN Abt. 1643 in Henrico Co., VA. She was born Abt. 1625 in Possibly, England, and died Bef. 1685 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co., VA.

William is believed to have come to Henrico County, Virginia between 1630 and 1640. There were three daughters Ann, Mary, and Jane. Ref: Valentine Papers, Vol. III, pp. 1766-1802. ( Compiler has not been able to find the following references, need documentation).  Later research credits his place of birth as Wragby, Lincoln shire, England. William patented land in the Bermuda Hundred Section of Henrico Co., Va. in 1665. Ref. CDXVII Century Applic. on William Womack b 1620 Eng/Va. in 1657. William Womack on tithing list of Henrico Co., Va. in 1679. Va. Rec. Bk. 1677-92 pp. 492, 716, 762. Va. State Library. Also "Rand, Hale & Allied Families" by Nettie Hale Rand, 1940. Other references: Valentine Papers pp. 1772, 1774.William & Mary College Quarterly V-24 p. 208. Virginia Historical Magazine, Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia p 369.Chesterfield Co. Va. p. 48 by Lutz. The Womack name is spelled with many variations in the records: Womack, Wamack, Wamock, Wammack, Wamoche, Wommack, Waamock, Wamocke, Woomack, Wamic, Wamick, Waymack, Waimac, Womac and many others. The most used pronunciation of the families in North Carolina and Tennessee put the accent on the first syllable as Wom'ack. In a few instances an "r" was used in the first syllable as War'mack. 
Tradition says William Womack married Mary Jane Allen (I have my doubts about this name as middle names were rare before the mid to late 1700's, possibly Mary or Jane), a widow who died prior to 1685. William immigrated from the British Isles probably during the early 1630/40's settling in the area known as the "Bermuda Hundred." The family became members of the first Quaker Colony which according to church records, originated in 1656. These members were for a large part of English extraction from the Tide Water section of Virginia, i.e., Cedar Creek and Henrico County. Although proof is lacking, our Womacks are believed to have English roots.

Richard Womack


1. RICHARD2 WOMACK (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1655 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Bef. 25 Apr 1684 in Henrico Co., Virginia. He married MARY PUCKETT Abt. 1675 in Henrico Co., Virginia, daughter of JOHN PUCKETT and ANN JEFFERYS. She was born Abt. 1656 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Abt. 1692 in Henrico Co., Virginia.


Richard received a patent for 450 acres of land in Henrico Co., March 15, 1672. This land lays on the North side of the Appomattox River adjoining Aspen Swamp. Richard, a trader with the Indians, was killed probably by the Seneca Indians while returning from a trip to the interior. After Richards death Mary married John Granger sometime around the 1st of April 1690.


Earliest known Womack Land Patent

Richard Womack, 15 Mar 1672, Land Patent 460 acres in Henrico Co, VA

Primary source: Land Patent Book 6 (1666-1679), page 447,Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia

To all st: Whereas st: Now know yee that I ye sd Sir Will Berkeley knt. st: give and graunt unto Richard Womack foure hundred and fivety acres three rood eight po: of land on ye North side of Appomatock River in Henrico Cout extending as ffolloweth (beginning at a small branch of ye Ashen Swampe and running along ye Swampe So: by Ea: 220 po: over a small branch to a Pokicory No: Ea: over ye same branch 26 po: then up ye branch No: Ea: by Ea: 94 po Ea: by No: along ye branch to ye head of it 102 po So: So: Ea: 22 po: to John Puckett his line No: Ea: b Ea 54 po: No: Ea: by No: 130 po: to ye head of ye Spring Run No: Ea: by Ea: 56 po: No: by We: 34 po: No: We: 60 po: to Mr. Baugh his line neigh ye Round Kash[?] No: No: We: 15 po: to Maior [Major] Harris his cornor We: by So: 380 po: to ye place aforementioned the sd land being due unto ye sd Richard Womack by and for ye transportacon of nine persons into this Collony whose names are:

Dated the 15th March 1672, Sarah Johnson, Jane Hayes, Jean Grigory, John Adams, Jane Barrett Jane Treble, Mary Cooke, Tho: Browne, An: Percer

Note: If Richard Patented this property in March 1672 he was barely 17 years old. Usually this process took some time, so when did he begin, when he was 15 or 16. This leads many researchers to believe there may have been an elder Richard. Being we have found no proof of William being the patriarch, I can see the reasoning behind a Richard being the patriarch. More work needed here. RGW


James Akin and Richard Womack, 16 May 1673, Land Patent 335 acres in Henrico Co, VA

Primary source: Land Patent Book 6 (1666-1679), page 454,Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia

To all &c whereas &c now know yee that I ye sd Sr Wm Berkeley Knt &c give & grant unto James Akin & Richd. Womack 335 acres of land in Henrico Coty. on ye north side of Appamattock River beginning at a wt. oake being a corner(?) tree at ye head of Tho. Wells his land, extending into ye woods N 160 po. to fflintons River then W 250 po. S 160 po. E 250 po. then at the heads 106 po. N W by W 160 po. to a small slash running into fflintons S S W 160 po. E 116 po. N 60 po. to the place afore mentioned, 250 acres of ye sd land being formerly granted to ye sd James Akin by Patt. dated 20th of Octobr 1665 the remainder being 85 acres due to ye sd James Akin, & Richd. Womack by & for ye transortacon of 2 psons into this Collonny to have & to hold &c to be held &c yielding &c provided & Dated this 26th of May 1673. [Names of persons transported:] Phillip Childers, Anne Dally.


Richard Womack, 2 Jun 1679, Deposition

Primary source[?]: Henrico County Records, 1677-1692, p 101

Secondary source: The Valentine Papers, p 1769

From The Valentine Papers:

Richard Womecke aged about 24 years, Deponeth That he sowed plants by Jeffryes old house & give them to John Puckett.


In Captain W. Byrds Letters

To Thomas Grendon per Zack Taylor.... April the 25th 1684.

Dear Sir,

This I hope will come to your hands to congratulate your safe arrival in England, having little news to send, all being well at your house. The general Assembly is now sitting, and your neighbor Hill Speaker. I hope all things will go on smoothly.

Old Sturdivant, his son Millner Shipy, Womacke, and Hugh Cassell were all killed by the Indians in their returne from the Westward, about 30 miles beyond Ochanechee. What prejudice it is to see mee my guesse, they having (had they come well in) made a very advantagous journey. On Easter monday I spoke with 50 Seneca Indians about 12 miles above my house; they had promised to behave themselves hereafter very peacable toward the English. I shall not trouble you further at present, but with my best respects and service to yourselfe and all our friends, wishing all health and prosperity, I am, Sir.

Your reall friend and Servent


Jack Warren and Will Randolph our worthy Burgesses, frequently

drinke your health

Pray and be mindfull of my Shoes and Boots & C.

Source: The Virginia Historical Register Vol. 1-11-64 Capt. Byrds Letters.

In a book entitled, "Adventurers of Purse and Person," the following about the death of Richard Womack in 1684. On pp 351 after citing the story of the death of "Old Sturdivant, his son, Millner, Shipy, Womacke and Hugh Cassell..." from William Byrd I, in a foot note the following is given: " 18 Marion Tinling, ed., The Correspondence of the Three Williams Byrds of Westover, Virginia, 1684-1776 (Charlottesville, 1977), I, pp. 15-16. The date of this letter may have been later in the year. Letters of administration on the estates of John Milner, Thomas Shippy, Richard Womeck (and John Davis) were granted to their widows at the same Henrico County court, 1 Aug 1684, and all of these men's inventories show some connection with the Indian trade: Indian boys and girls, trading knives, a tomahawk, Indian baskets(Henrico Co. Wills and Deeds 1677-92, pp 282-90). The Occaneechee Trail or Path led from Fort Henry (Petersburg) through Occaneechee Town (near present Clarksville, Mecklenburg County), close to the Forks of the Dan and Roanoke rivers. Twenty miles west of that would be present Person Co., N.C."

Ref: Adventurers of Purse and Person VIRGINIA 1607-1624/5. Has the reference to the letter of William Byrd I of Westover that mentions that a Womack (and others) was killed by Indians. The reference is to a book edited by Marion Tinling, The Correspondance of the Three Williams Byrd of Westover, Virginia, 1684-1776.

Inventory of Richard Womack, 1684, Henrico Co., VA., Henrico County Records, 1677-1692, Part 2, page 285:

"Augt: the 19th: 1684:

p. tobo. & cask

p. tobo. & cask Brought over 7662

Two steers 6 yrs old 1000 Two jointer stocks & Joynters 60

Two Steers 5 yrs growth 800 one pr old belts: 10

one Steer of 3 yrs 200 1 pcell of old Coopr tools 120 130

Seven Cowes 2300 Eight trading knives

Three yearling Heifers 450 2 tomahauks 20

Four yearling Calves 280 One brass ladle: 6 16 old

One Canvas tick fether bed, pewter spoons 14 20

blanketts & Rug old 450 Two old water pails 20

One old feather bed blanketts One horse Saddle & bridle 450

& Rugg 550 One Mare & Colt 500

Two Small Iron potts 80 Two pds of beads, 1 plow chain,

one ditto 60 1 pr of pot racks 62

One old brasse kettle 380 One fryeing pan, 1 square,

Three old Guns 400 1 old tent: Saw 30

One Chest: 30 one long table One Boxen Iron, 1 sword & belt,

& form: 300 330 pcell of Skins 100

One Small do.: 50 6 wooden The half of a feather bed Rug

Chairs 42 92 & blankett 300

Seven pewter dishes: 130 1 pewtr. ___

flagon, 1 qrt. pot 35 165 9354

One Chamber pot, 1 driping pan(?) John his I B mark Baugh

1 spit, 1 spit 35 James his I B mark Ekins Sen.

One old press: 80 1 warming James Baugh

pan 10 90


Carryed over 7662 Sworn to in Henco: County court ye

The Apprizrs Sworn p me Fran. Epes first day of Octobr 1684, p Mary

Womeck Adm

Test H Randolph Cl Cur p whom it

--- recorded. "

Thomas testified in the John hog theft thing, and yes John Granger, married to Richard's widow, was the plaintiff in the hog theft thing, but nothing in those records says John was related to those other Womacks. Today I found in my written notes of reading the FHL microfilm of the Henrico County Court Record book for 1677-93, for p.168, the following: "Richard Womecke of Parish of Bristoll . . . for love and affection . . . to brother John of same . . . 100 ac. on which Richard now lives . . ."; "line of Thos Puckett, Peter Ashbrook . . . Holmes Spring, Spring Slash, Ready branch of Ashen Swamp" Why Valentine didn't abstract this I don't know.

Source: David Dunn, email:


Also A.K.A. Mary Elizabet Puckett.

Mary Womock, 2 Jun 1679, Deposition

Primary source[?]: Henrico County Records, 1677-1692, p 99

Secondary source: The Valentine Papers, p 1768

From The Valentine Papers:

Mary Womock aged about 22 years deposes that her brother John Puckett lived with her & he said he would goe downe & plant some plants, & here turned & said Mr. Chamberlaine had tooke his plants.


Mary Womecke, 9 Oct 1684

Primary source[?]: Henrico County Records, 1677-1692, p 289

Secondary source: The Valentine Papers, p 1770

From The Valentine Papers:

Mary Womecke, widow of Richard Womeck who died in estate, granted administration of his estate and to report to Court.

At a Court held for Henrico County the first day of September 1718



Richard Womack, Jr.


1. RICHARD3 WOMACK, JR. (RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1676 in Henrico Co., Virginia, and died Bef. Mar 1723 in Henrico Co., Virginia. He married ELIZABETH PUCKETT Abt. 1705 in Henrico Co., Virginia, daughter of WILLIAM PUCKETT and ANNE WOMACK. She was born Abt. 1678 in Henrico Co., Virginia.


Richard Womack of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co VA to his loving brother William Womack of aforesaid Parish and County. Recorded 1 Mar 1703.

An account of Estate of Richard Womack 1730 Henrico Co VA: Dr. and Cr. of Richard Womack Deceased: Fees in the amount of 2060 19/12/ 8-1/2 were paid to: John Bolling per Judgmt of Court, Henry Hatcher. Capt. Thomas Jeffers on; John Puckett; Col. Franc. Epes; Henry Wook, clks fees; Mr. Secretary Carter; 3 appraizers at 40; Susanah Ware; Clks and Sherrifs; funeral charges; Mr. Thomas Eldridge Attorneys; Peter Ashbrook. Errors Excepted pr Elizabeth Womack on 12 M ar 1729. Final approval of Account by Court on first Monday in October 1730. Henrico Co Deeds and Wills No. 1, Part 2 1725-1737 p. 383.

Source: Joe C. Wilson <>

abt 1706 when Richard was 30, he married Elizabeth PUCKETT[5], daughter of John PUCKETT Jr. (1652-) & Elizabeth ALLEN, in Bristol Parish, Henrico County, VA. Born abt 1678. Elizabeth died in 1731, she was 53.


Thomas Womack


1. THOMAS4 WOMACK (RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1706 in Henrico County, Virginia, and died 1782 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia. He married SARAH WOODSON Abt. 1729 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia, daughter of JOSEPH WOODSON and ELIZABETH MATTOX. She was born 1715 in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and died 21 Apr 1785 in Chesterfield County, Virginia.


Many researchers have Thomas below as the son of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley, however the will of Thomas Womack b abt 1728, and left a will in 1803 in Nottoway Co., VA., proves him to be the Son of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley. This Thomas is believed to be the son of Richard Jr., more research is needed to prove this connection.

Thomas (1706--1780) is established as a son of Richard (c.1676-1723) and wife Elizabeth (no evidence of her maiden name) by an evaluation of the land records. Thomas's holding on Sappony Creek evidently came from his father Richard Jr. His brothers Richard and Matthew are also involved in land transactions on Sappony Creek. These three also appear in 1736 lower Henrico Co. Quit Rent Roll.

Source: Hubert Mcalexander Jr. e-mail:

WILL of Thomas Womack, 1780, Chesterfield Co., VA. Chesterfield County Will Book 4, 1785-1800, pages 102, 103, 104:

" In the name of God Amen I Thomas Womack of Chesterfield County being in bad State of health but of sound disposing memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. Imprimis. I give the use of all my land lying on the upper side of Suppony Creek to my son Thomas Womack and his wife Sarah during the life of the longest liver of them.

Item I give and bequeath the said land to my Grandson Thomas Womack Son of said Thomas and Sarah to him and his heirs forever but not possession thereof till after the death of the said Thomas and Sarah.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Grandson Thomas Womack son of my son Thomas one negro Wench by the name of Winny to him and his heirs forever but his father Thomas to have and to use her labour till the said Thomas comes of Lawful age.

Item I give and bequeath to my Grandson Peter Womack son of my son Thomas Womack one negro Girl by the name of Sarah to him and his heirs forever but his father Thomas Womack to have the use of her labour till the said Peter comes of lawful age.

Item I give and bequeath to my Grandson Jesse Womack son of my son Thomas Womack one negro boy by the name of Spencer to him and his heirs forever but my Son Thomas Womack to have the use of his labour till the said Jesse comes of lawful age.

Item I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Womack one negro Wench named Anakey and her child Tilly to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter Nancy Womack daughter of my son Joel Womack one negro Wench named Dicey to her and her heirs forever but my son Joel to have the use of her labour till the said Nancy comes of lawful age.

Item I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Betsy Womack daughter of my son Joel Womack one negro Girl named Amy to her and her heirs forever but my son Joel to have the use of the said Amy till the said Betsy comes of lawful age.

Item I give and bequeath to my Grandson Richard Womack son of my son Joel Womack one negro Wench named Juda also her son Ned and one negro boy Lewis to him and his heirs forever but his father Joel Womack to have the use of the said negroes till the said Richard comes of lawful age.

Item I give and bequeath to my son William Womack the use of one Negro fellow named Sam during his life and after his death I give and bequeath the said Sam to my grandson Richard Womack to him and his heirs forever.

Item I give and bequeath to my son in law Fredrick Reames ten shillings.

Item I give and bequeath to my son Joel Womack and his wife Sarah the use of all my lands I own lying on the lower side Suppony Creek during the life of the longest liver of them and after their deaths I give the said land to my Grandson Richard Womack Son of my Son Joel Womack to him and his heirs forever.

Item. I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Rebecca Womack daughter of my son Josiah Womack one negro Wench Named Crissy to her and her heirs forever, but my said Son Josiah Womack to have the use of the said Wench till my Grand daughter Rebecca Comes to lawfull age.

Item. All the rest and residue of my estate not herein already given away I give to my said two Sons Joel and Thomas Womack to be equally divided between them. And lastly I appoint Ben Watkins and George Markham Executors of this my last Will & Testament In Testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and Seal this sixth day of April in the year one Thousand Seven Hundred and eighty.

Thomas (his X mark) Womack (SL)

Signed Sealed and delivered

In the presence of us

Thomas Watkins

John (his X mark) Loafman


Josiah Womack


1. JOSIAH5 WOMACK (THOMAS4, RICHARD3, RICHARD2, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1732 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia, and died Bef. 04 Dec 1800 in Nottoway Co., Virginia. He married KEZIAH WILKINSON Abt. 1765, daughter of JOHN WILKINSON and JANE. She was born Abt. 1748 in Amelia Co., Virginia, and died 1810 in Nottoway Co., Virginia.


Will of Josiah Womack written 18 Sep. 1800 pro. 4 Dec 1800. Nottoway Co., VA., WB 1: 412. Witnesses: John Hayns, Carter Hamlet and Obediah Nunnaly

Josiah Womack (c.1730-1800 ) first appears on record in the Chesterfield tithe list C.1753. He witnessed an Amelia Co. deed in 1762 (GET CITATION- -CAN'T FIND IT), and in May 1763, the Chesterfield County Court judged a slave Jerry belonging to Josiah Womack to be six years old (CO 2: 403 ). In 1772, Josiah is designated "of Chesterfield Co.," when he purchased land in Amelia County from Thomas Ball ( Amelia DB 11: 492 ). He is found in the Amelia Tax lists for 1782 ( Listed with 6 whites and four blacks ), and 1785 ( seven whites, 1 dwelling, and three other buildings ). He also appears on the 1787 list, apparently in Nottoway Parish, which became Nottoway County in 1789. On 31 Jan. 1786, however, Richard Harrison of Georgia sold in 200 acres on Juniper Creek in Lunenburg Co. to Josiah Womack, designated of Amelia Co. ( Amelia DB 14: 228 ).

Josiah Womack married Keziah Wilkinson, dau. of John Wilkinson, whose will of 18 Dec. 1773 in Amelia County names his daughter Keziah Womack ( WB 2: 345 ). Josiah Womack made his will in Nottoway County 18 Sep. 1800; it was offered for probate 4 Dec. 1800 ( WB 1: 412). He made bequests to his wife, two sons, and four daughters.

Will of Josiah Womack 15th or 18th of September 1800

In the name of God Amen, I josiah Womack of the Nottoway County, long sick and weak but of sound and perfect mind & memory do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form following.

Item I lend unto my beloved wife the plantation & land whereon I now live also I lend my said wife one negro man named Jerry with half of my house hold and kitchen furniture also one horse named Ellick also four cows & calves & also all my stock of sheep during her life.

Item I give and bequeath unto my sons William Womack & Bird Womack my tract of land lying in Prince Edward County to be equally divided to them and their heirs.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rebeccah Waddle one cow and calf.

Item I give and bequeath unto my three daughters Edith Womack, Willy Womack and Eliza Womack my tract of land in Lunenburg County to be equally divided to them and their heirs also my tract of land wheron I now live after the death of my wife, to them and their heirs,

Item I give and bequeath unto my son William Womack one negro man named Abraham to him and his heirs,

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Bird Womack one negro man named _ay to him and his heirs,

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Edith Womack one negroe named Addy to her and her heirs, Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Willy Womack one negroe boy named _ and olph to her and her heirs,

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Eliza Womack one negroe boy named Aron to her and her heirs,

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Eliza Womack thirty pounds cash,

Item I bequeath to my son Bird Womack thirty pounds cash,

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Edith Womack my while forled _______ colt.

Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Willy Womack my other liver brack colt.

Item my will and desire is all the rest of my Estate after my just debts is paid to be Equally divided between my five children, William Womack, Bird Womack, Edith Womack, Willy Womack and Eliza Womack.

Item I give and bequeath the personal estate which I have lent unto my beloved wife after her death to be equally divided amongst my five children to wit William Womack, Bird Womack. Edith Womack, Willy Womack, & Eliza Womack to them and their heirs, lastly I nominate and appoint my loving wife Executive and my son William Womack & William Coswell jur to my last will and testament is _____ my hand & seal this 18? day of September one thousand eight hundred.

signed sealed and delivered his

in presence of Josiah X Womack (seal)

Griffin Lamkin mark

John Hayns

Carter Hamlet

Obediah Nunnaly

In Nottoway County Court December 4th 1800.

This last will and testament of Josiah Womack deceased was offered for proof in William Womack one of the executers therein named and was proven in the oaths of Griffin Lamkin and John Hayns two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded where upon Keziah Womack widow of the said Josiah Womack came into court and declared that she would not take or accept the provison made for her by this will or any part thereof exon___ all benefits which she might claim by the said will and on the motions of the said give a certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate will be having taken the oath of and give & with Josiah Thompson and Freeman Jordan his executors entered a bond acknowleged a bond according to court.

Teste Porter Randolph cl c

truly recorded teste

Thomas Todd

WB 1. 412


William Womack

William Womack  was born Abt. 1765 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia, and died Bef. Nov 1828 in Campbell Co., Virginia.  He married CATHERINE BLANKENSHIP 1808  in Campbell Co., Virginia, daughter of HENRY BLANKENSHIP and NANCY POTTER.  She was born Abt. 1792 in Campbell County, Virginia, and died 08 Jun 1856 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia.

1818: William Womack sat on jury, (Campbell County, VA., court order, book 15, page 138); Petticrew Exer. (Vs.) Jones.
1820: (Census) William Womack, Campbell County, VA., lived next door to Henry Blankenship, (son of Hudson Blankenship who had established the trade route ca., 1756 from Richmond, to Lynchburg, to Charlotteville, to areas in and around a village that had sprung up, now Bristal, Tennessee.) Hudson was a "Tinner" (trader) and builder.
Womack, William 5 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
1828: It is assumed at this point William Womack has passed away. Campbell County Order Book 18, page 187 , (William's Sons) William Womack, James Womack, and William Reynolds bound out by overseers of the poor. (This was the custom---if one of the parents was deceased and the family not wealthy enough to pay for "education" ).
It shows the marriage of Catherine Womack, dau of William & Catherine Womack, in 1856 in Lynchburg, VA. It says she was born in 1811 in Nottoway Co, VA. The 
tax records I have show that William Womack, son of Josiah Womack & Keziah Wilkinson, was listed as tax payer in Nottoway from 1799-1807, often right next 
to his father or mother. I think it is a good bet this was you William.

For years I assumed our William was the son of Francis, son of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley based on others research and LDS records that can never be trusted. I always had my doubts for lack of records, however based on the DNA evidence from the Womack DNA project showing my DNA match more likely from Richards line and the above paragraph indicate Josiah Womack and Keziah Wilkenson as the likely parents of our William. (more research needed)

The following letters were written to William Womack son of William Womack and Catherine Blankenship. They have been typed just as the originals were written. The originals are in the possession of Nelda Womack, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Campbell County March 11, 1835

My Dear Son,

Through the goodness and kind providence we are yet spard but not well. I have bin sick ever since last fall, sometimes veary bad, but thank God I have got some better. I hope these lines will shortly be in your hands that now goes from me your poor afflicted mother and hope they may find you enjoying good health and that your mind and notions are turning toward Virginia again.

Oh, My William, What could posess you to leave all your friends and go so far away? Do my dear child come back and let me see you once more. I hope you have no family to take care of and if you have not you can do as well here as you need to --- and here you would be with your friends which ought to be more satisfaction to you than to be with no connections at all.

Your brother James is living with Mr. Austin learning the Carpenter,s trade and says he will try to find you as soon as he can, but you my William, come in and work with James. He gets fifty-five dollars this year.

Dear Son, I must now inform you we received letter from you in june last and answered it in a few days and have not heard nor seen a word from you since. Your sister Catherine and James and Larkin and John.... your brothers heard it read. Leroy was in Lynchburg and Larkin is living with him at Mr. John Thirmons (?) learning the saddlers trade. I have not seen your sister Catherine nor Joseph nor James since before Christmas.

I am living with Mr. Little. He is overseer for Mr. Richard Chilton at the tole gate trading in Lynchburg. You are well acquinted with the place. Mr. Little says he intends to try to come next fall if he can. He wants to know how the price of everything generally is. His wages this year is a hundred and fifty dollars, 5 barrels corn and five hundred weight of pork and a milk cow.

Let us know if you are much pleased with the Illinois State and what sort of a place it is and be sure to let us know in your letter whither you intend to come and see us or stay with us and when we may look for you. I hope you will start as soon as you get this for we want to see you much. None of your brothers nor your sister Catherine is not present but all want to see you and would join me in love to you. Little Mary Catherine says you must come here. My Dear Son I feel sorely at this time. I can hardly set to rite. I must conclude my letter. Answer this as soon as possible and direct your letter to Lynchburg Post Office. Also direct it to Mr. John Little.

I remain your loving mother untill death,
Catherine P. Womack

Sent To: Mr. William Womack
Sangamon County -- Panter Creek Post Office
State of Illinois

Campbell County, Virginia February 22, 1837

Dear Son,

I now with the help of kind providence take this opportunity to write you a few lines. I am not well, but am always poly, and am more so now than I was when you left me. I have been with your brother Joseph's family ever since the first of August and Joseph and James joines with me writeing to you. They have had bad coles but have got better of them. Your sisters and younger brothers was well when I heard from them last. They are all living in Lynchburg.

I hope dear William these few lines will find you injoying good health and now I will try to inform you your favoured letter came to hand perhaps about the middle of september which informed us you had been veary sick with the ague and fever. Mr. Little received your letter in town. As I understood he was veary unwell I suppose at that time and was taken veary shortly after that with the severe fever and died the 25th day of September and was brought from near Lynchburg Whare he lived to Goodmans Graveyard and was buried about ten days before he was. Same lay veary low for a long time but has recovered.

Dear Son, when death parts loving friends we must submit, but when loving children will take themselves far away in a distant land leaving all connections behind for no cause, it is grievious. William reflect on this-you are my flesh and my bone and I cannot come to you but you can come to me. If the Lord please, I hope I shall see you this Spring if life and health permit. James has bin veary anctious to wander as you have done, but now he finds himself a doing veary well. He is getting twelve dollars per month and has nearly got his trade and says you can get more here to work in plantation business than you get whare you are.

Joseph wishes you would come. He wants to move to some part of the World whare he can do better for his family, but I do not expect he will ever more many miles from whare he is. They have three children- William Henry, Mary Ann Rebecah, and Elizabeth Jane.

I hope son William you have no inclination to have a family yet and if so I do truly wish you to come immediately. You can get work aplenty. James would be so glad for you to come and work with him. He has been with Mr. Austin Lane--this is the fourth year. He gave him wages every year and has nearly got his trade and he would hire you at a word if you would come. You must come now. When you get this you must sit down and write a few lines that you will be here in a veary short time if the Lord permits and then collect on what you have owing to you and start immediately, and it would please me well. O William don't let me be disappointed in my hope of seeing you once more in this world. I expect to go to Lynchburg veary shortly to stay with the guerls and when you write to me direct your letter to Lynchburg Post Office. James wants you to write to him and direct his to Campbeel Courthouse. Be certain to answer this as soon as possible, dear son. I must conclude with our best love to you and all the best wishes that a mother can afford, so farewell sweet William my son for this time.

I remain your loving mother untill death.

Catherine Womack

Joseph P. Womack

James W. Womack

Sent to:

Mr. William Womack
Sugar Creek Post Office
Sangamon County, Illinois
Letter # 3

My Veary Dear and Loving Son,
I once more by the help of providence take the pen in hand to write you a few lines. We received your letter dated the 14th ov November. I do not mind exactly the time, but it found us in tolerable health except your brother Larkin. He was veary low at that time with the fever. He lived untill the thirteenth day after he was taken without eating anything except chicken water and some kind of tea. Nothing else was allowed him untill the thirteenth day and then one spoonful of veary thin mush and a half cup of milk.

You must expect my dear William that my dear Larkin was most gone and so he did seem to be but he was willin to die, as Mrs.____ told me, the lady whare he lives. His and your sister Catherine nursed him in his sickness, but I went severil times while he lay sick, which I think was about six weeks cinfinement to the house, but the Lord was pleased to raise him from the bed of affliction and I saw him last thirsday evening. He was in good health of body and of soul too apparently. He is a veary pious youth and if you hear him preaching the Gospel you need not be at all alarmed. He has commenced going to school and is free the 27th of next January and seems to take such delight in the ways and worship of God. And John is still going on in religious ways, And O my William do you not think that a grate comfort to me? And would it not be a greater one still to hear in your next letter you embraced religion? You say in your letter you nor your wife had not profest religion, and you have regular meetings with the Methodists, Baptists, and Presbiterians.

Well, my son, so you and your wife attend to preaching and do you wish to get religion? Then if you do get down on your knees and pray to God to have mercy on you and show you your sinful state that you are in by nature for ye must be born again or ye cannot see the Kingdom of God. Oh, my William. read the bible a great deal and attend to preaching and if there is any revival out with you write me word in your next letter and I pray you my dear son and daughter in law, be you both at the alter that the people of God may pray for your dear souls.

When you read this think on whom it is ritten these few lines once more. Tis your dear old mother, and I pray you remember what I say to you on this paper and let it sink deep in your minds. What doth it profit a man to gain the hole world and lose his own soul? oh, my son, try to save your precious ans never dying soul. Lay not up treasures on earth whare moth and rust doth corrupt and whare theves brake through and stele, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven whare neither moth nor rust doth corrupt and whare theves do not brake through nor steal, for whare your treasure is there will your heart be also. let us all try to meet in heaven.

Now I must inform you we are in common health at present as far as I know and hope this will find you and all yours in good health. I have not seen Joseph since before last Christmas. He has gone to Halifax to live. I saw James not long since. He was in common health.

Now Dear Son, do you not think of ever coming home to see us? We would be so glad to see you and your little family. John says he thinks you might come if you try rite. And now William, try and come and let us know in your next letter whither you intend to try and come. So farewell, my William, for this time. Your brothers nor sisters Catherine is not preasent to joine with me in love to you and family but you may except of it with mine.

I remain your loving affectionate mother untill death.

Catherine A. Womack

Sent to:
Mr. William Womack
Sugar Creek Post Office
Sangamon County, Illinois

Received at above Post Office September 14, 1842, and forwarded to Galena, IL.

Lynchburg, Virginia February 28, 1843

My dear William,
I now joine with your brother Larkin. He seems to wish you all the good he can for your soules salvation and so do I, and re-read his letter, my son, untill you can understand it and meditate on it also. Altho he is younger than you he is much improved in religion and expects to joine the next conference. He seems to be much respected for his piety and seems to delight in religious worship very much. O my William, I wish you and all my other children were as earnest in gaining your soul's salvation as my dear Larkin is.

Dear Son, I have written a letter to you some months back. I have not received any answer from it yet for which cause I expect you have not received it, as we understand in Leroy's letter received from you that you have moved three hundred miles from whare you was living. And why could you not have come nearer to us as well as to go no farther from us? I may say farewell, for my William I may never expect to see you any more in the land amongst the living.

Well, dear son, answer this as soon as possible and let us know whether you have embraced religion yet and whither you are trying for that blessing and your dear companion with you. O strive to get to heaven and teach your children to learn the way...

Dear children, excuse all amiss on this paper. James and Leroy is both married as we understand. None of us was at the marriages. James was married when in Pitsylvaney to a Miss Yancy.

I must conclude. Our love to you and family. I am your affectionate mother untill death.
Catherine A. Womack
Sent to:
Mr. William Womack
Jo Davis County
Galena, Illinois

Larkin Womack

Larkins Civil Ward Roster Card
1. LARKIN A. WOMACK was born January 27, 1822 in Campbell Co., VA, and died 1886 in Scott Co., AR. He married (1) MARY CATHERINE TAYLOR Abt. 1845, daughter of JORDAN TAYLOR. She was born 1826 in Buckingham Co., VA, and died Aft. December 06, 1868 in Coffee Co., TN. He married (2) RUTH MORRIS MEEKS 1878 in Coffee Co., TN. She was born March 24, 1836, and died January 12, 1911 in Scott Co., AR.

Larkin was a Methodist in Lynchburg, Virginia. During the Civil War he owned a hotel in Tennessee and turned it into a Confederate Hospital at that time. It is said to be still standing in Coffee County. He was very much a southern man, a definite confederate.

Larkin Womack, William D. Taylor and Charles H. Taylor, were all "Tinners" (Traders) just as Hudson Blankenship who established the route to and from Bristol and his son Henry Blankenship who lived next door to William and Catherine Womack 1820 in Campbell County, Virginia. Larkin (per tax records, paid taxes in Buckingham County, VA., thru 1856.) Larkin and Mary Taylor lived in Bristal Co., Tennessee. Real estate value $ 2400. His neighbor on one side was Rev., James C. King and wife whose daughter had married the banker Joseph R. Anderson. on the other side of Larkin was a hotel. Per deeds, after June 1860, Larkin purchased lots 46,64,and 66. which included the Exchange Hotel and this property included all between 4th Street and 6th Street (now Olive Street).

All of the pay vouchers for Larkin Womack Private, Co. K, 4th VA., Rgt., Case., Fitzhugh Lee Brigade, under Captain Heath and Lt. Terry have not been found--but those we have indicate that by August 1863, he was in this company, he had enlisted for "three years or end of War" and he had been paid through 1 June 1864 --so we assume he was still in this company April 1865 . This Regiment had been re-organized and 10th company had been added. May 23,1862 the day Fannie Otey Womack was born, it appears Kate was returning to Buckingham Co., VA., for the births of her children but due to the War , had evacuated to Richmond, Many of the Taylors were staying in homes on Franklin Street, Richmond, VA., (as was Mrs. Robert E. Lee during this period).

After the birth of their last child, Mary Taylor passed away as a result of birth complications. Years later Larkin married Ruth Morris Meeks (our lineage) and had George Farris Womack.

Buried, Pilot Prarie Cemetery, Scott County, AR.

SOURCE: F. Mae Doria, 1303 Nor Vandalia, Tulsa, OK., (deceased). Larkin was an apprentice to John Thurmond, Lynchburg, Va., a saddler. He was a preacher, Mason, a Democrat and served in the C.S.A. He was located in 1844 at Lynchburg, Va; in 1846 in NC.; in 1850 he was in Buckingham Co., Va., in 1860 in Sullivan Co., Tn.; 23 May 1863 in Richmond, Va.; Apr 1865 at Appomattox with Fitzburge Lee; in 1866 in Tn.; in 1880 in Coffee Co., Tn.; 1883 - 1899 in Waldron, Scott Co., Ar.

The following letter was written by Larkin, to his older brother William in Illinois.

Lynchburgh, Virginia February 28, 1843

Dear Brother,

I take this opportunity to inform you that we are in common health at present, what few thare is of us togather. And I hope these few lines may finde you all injoying good health.

Dear Brother, we received your letter directed to Leroy sometime since and I was very glad to heare from you and to find that you were on this side of eternity for I had not heard from you for so long. I did not know whither you were dead or alive. But it would have comforted me mutch more if I could have heard that you were on your way to heaven, as I know not whither we shall ever meet again in this world, but I hope that we shall in a betterone. And now I wish you to make a start for heaven and try to meeta brother who loves your soul.

I feel it my duty to warn you of your doom for without holyness noman can see the face of God in peace. My friend, do you know whare youare going? Have you reflected what you are engaged in? Is it an object you will be able to think upon tomorrow with pleasure? Wold you pursue it if you were sure you would die tonight? Have you asked God, or can you ask God to bless it? If you have not done this, if you cannot do this, then reflect. For all these things God will bring you into judgement. Ecclesiastes 11:9.

Stop and consider before it is too late. Thare is yet time but you know not how short it may bee. O flee to the Savior for the pardon of your sins - pray that devine grace may be given you. Entreat the Holy Spirit to convince you of the evil of sin and its dredful consequences and to influence your heart and mind to those things which alone can bring you peace at the last. Read the Bible. All these things are taught therein.

Resides, the heavenly world with all its glory and felicity would be a place of torment to an unholy mind. Shold the sinner with his unholy heart and character be admited into the regions of the blessed what would he find suited to his desires and reigning temper of heart? He would find the character of everything totally opposed to his own. He would find himself perfectly alone - no one to associate with him among all the millions of heavenly host.

As I expect ere long to be standing on the walls of Zion to proclame the glad tidings of Christ to a lost and ruined world and now I proclame to you and beseack you by heaven to repent and believe the gospel before it shall be everlastingly too late. I know not that I shall ever see you again in this world, but I hope ere long we shall shack hands on the banks of eternal deliverence....whatever you find amiss forgive.

Nothing more at present, but I remain your brother untill death. Larkin A. Womack

Sent to:
Mr. William Womack
Jo Davis County
Galena, Illinois

Family history says that Ruth Meeks and George Farris (our grandfather), her youngest son didn't get along real good, she made him sleep in the barn most of the time.

Children of LARKIN WOMACK and MARY TAYLOR are:
i. WILLIAM D. WOMACK, b. 1846, Possibly NC.

ii. DEMASCUS WOMACK, b. April 1850, Buckingham Co., VA; d. Bef. 1860.

iii. HENRY L. WOMACK, b. February 1851, Buckingham Co., VA; d. 1908, Bryan Co., OK; m. SARA JANE MAY, February 22, 1877; b. January 1859, TN; d. April 11, 1936, Bryan Co., OK.

iv. IDA WOMACK, b. 1852, Buckingham Co., VA; d. OK; m. FATE HAWK; b. Abt. 1848.

v. CHARLES A. WOMACK, b. 1854, Buckingham Co., VA.

vi. CATHERINE C. WOMACK, b. May 1857, Buckingham Co., VA; d. February 22, 1941, Tullahoma, TN; m. (1) ALEXANDER SHERRILL, August 13, 1878; b. 1851, Franklin, TN; d. 1890, TN; m. (2) ANDREW P. SHERRILL, Abt. 1895, Tennessee; b. 1848, Franklin, TN.; d. September 12, 1923, Tullahoma, TN..

Went by Kate.

vii. THOMAS W. WOMACK, b. 1860, Buckingham Co., VA; d. 1925, Old Mexico.

President Roosevelt and "cousin Bonepart" sent him to Mexico under the name of "George Miles", to develop natural resources he owned two mines the "Rosewood" and "Mahogany". He became a millionare - bought his sister Fanny a grocery store, sent Ollie and Lillie to school. He was murdered on his front porch by unknown assassins.

viii. FANNIE OTEY WOMACK, b. May 23, 1862, Richmond, VA.; d. September 20, 1945, Muskogee, OK.; m. JEFFERSON DAVIS MCBRIDE, 1881, TN; b. March 18, 1861, Coffee County, TN; d. January 31, 1908, Preston Bend, TX.

On the day Fannie was born there was a battle at Savage Station near Mechanicsville, in Richmond, VA.. the horns and whistles had alerted all men and boys who could carry arms to the battle. Larkin (her father) and family were there. The women stood on the tops of hills and roof tops watching their men and boys fight. Mary C, Taylor gave birth to Fannie during this battle.

ix. BERTHA L. WOMACK, b. March 1866, Coffee County, TN.; d. November 03, 1923, Fort Worth, Texas; m. (1) CAPERS; m. (2) JAMES H. BENNETT, 1883.

x. MINNIE MAE WOMACK, b. December 05, 1868, Coffee Co., TN; d. December 17, 1952, Okmulgee, OK; m. (1) COLEMAN D. RICHARDSON, January 07, 1886; b. January 24, 1843, Estill Co., KY; d. December 21, 1899, Parkinson's Mill I.T., Ft. Gibson, OK; m. (2) GEORGE FRANKLIN HANCOCK, Abt. 1902; b. August 07, 1880.

Source: Teresa Mae Richardson / Caldwell e-mail:

xi. GEORGE FARRIS WOMACK, b. May 03, 1880, Coffee Co., TN; d. December 27, 1941, Okfuskee Co., OK; m. RACHAEL MARY AUSMUS, Abt. 1900, OK; b. February 04, 1882, Scott Co., AR; d. March 12, 1960, Contra Costra, CA.
(Line of the compiler)

George Farris Womack

GEORGE FARRIS WOMACK was born May 03, 1880 in Coffee Co., TN, and died December 27, 1941 in Okfuskee Co., OK. He married RACHAEL MARY AUSMUS Abt. 1900 in OK, daughter of DAVID AUSMUS and ELIZA SESSIONS. She was born February 04, 1882 in Scott Co., AR, and died March 12, 1960 in Contra Costra, CA.

i. CONZADA ODA WOMACK, b. November 04, 1901, Pontotoc, OK; d. March 20, 1979, Contra Costa, CA; m. JOHN WILLIAM BURDEN, March 18, 1918, Ofuskee Co., OK; b. January 01, 1897, Cooke Co., TX; d. October 1971.

ii. GERTRUDE PARALEE WOMACK, b. June 23, 1903, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. July 1988, Ada, OK.; m. (1) COLEMAN; m. (2) BROWN; m. (3) WILLIE WHITE.

iii. HORACE H. WOMACK, b. February 12, 1904, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. 1937, Hughes Co., OK; m. GRACE WILLIE JOHNSON; b. July 11, 1909; d. August 19, 1994.

iv. LESTER OTTO WOMACK, b. September 12, 1906, Boles, Scott Co., AR; d. June 1987, Shingle Springs, Eldorado Co., CA.; m. GLADYS FERN BRACKETT, Eufaula, OK; born in Texanna, OK.

v. ONEY LOUISE WOMACK, b. February 06, 1908, Boles, Scott Co., AR; d. August 23, 1926, Okfuskee Co., OK; m. GEORGE W. SCOTT, Abt. 1925.

vi. EARNEST ELIJAH WOMACK, b. December 24, 1910, Boles, Scott Co., AR; d. April 06, 1997, Newcastle, McClain Co., OK; m. SARAH CATHERINE LAMBERT, in Okemah, Okfuskee Co., OK; born in , Kiowa, OK. Lives in Newcastle, OK.
(Line of the compiler)

vii. GEORGE FARRIS WOMACK, JR., b. February 29, 1912, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. Abt. 1935, Okfuskee Co., OK.

viii. ESTER IVA WOMACK, b. December 23, 1915, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. July 25, 1995, Elk City, OK; m. (1) JOHN EVERETT ALLEN, Abt. 1935, Elk City, OK; b. Abt. 1890, KY or Bird Town, NC; d. September 1943, Los Angeles, CA; m. (2) GEORGE KENNETH HOLDSTOCK, 1945; m. (3) LEO BETZBURGER, Abt. 1960; m. (4) ORREN THOMPSON, Abt. 1973.

ix. DAISY ESTER WOMACK, b. September 05, 1916, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. September 03, 1993, Contra Costa, CA.; m. (1) ROY LEE; m. (2) PENDEHEHITIC?.

x. MILDRED LUCILLE WOMACK, b. September 13, 1917, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. May 06, 1993, Lodi, CA; m. WATSON.

xi. BARBARA LEE WOMACK, born in , Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; lives in CA., m. (1) JAY GOULD COACHMAN, Abt. 1938, Oklahoma; b. February 11, 1909, Oklahoma; d. February 1972, Antioch, Contra Costa Co., CA; m. (2) WILLIAM EN BOUSLOG, Aft. 1973; b. July 23, 1916, California; d. October 11, 1992, Lodi, CA.

xii. MAUDE LEE WOMACK, born in.. , Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; still living in OK. m. O.M. ROBERTS.

xiii. HAROLD GRANT WOMACK, b. September 02, 1924, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. 1957, Antioch, Contra Costa Co., CA; m. DOLLY JAMES, Abt. 1954.
Harold was killed in a Bar fight in California.

xiv. KENNETH LEROY WOMACK, b. October 14, 1926, Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; d. January 1987, Yucca Valley, CA; m. DONNA WHEELER, in California; born in Kansas.


Earnest Elijah Womack

EARNEST ELIJAH WOMACK was born December 24, 1910 in Boles, Scott Co., AR, and died April 06, 1997 in Newcastle, McClain Co., OK. He married SARAH CATHERINE LAMBERT, in Okemah, Okfuskee Co., OK, daughter of WILLIAM LAMBERT and VIRGIE MITCHELL. She was born in Kiowa, OK., and still living in Oklahoma.


i. BOBBY ERNEST WOMACK, born in Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK; and still living in Oklahoma. m. (1) ARTI LEE STATON, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK; born in, Waldon, OK; still living in Oklahoma, divorced. m. (2) LOLA BELLE PAGE, born in, Olive, OK.; m. (3) COZENE ELIZABETH BROWN, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK; born in Coal Co., OK., present wife of my father and a terriffic stepmother.
(Line of the compiler)

ii. GERALDINE WOMACK, born in, Okfuskee Co., OK;still living in Oklahoma, m. GLEN DARRELL HAMPTON, in Oklahoma, Glen born in Eula, AR..

iii. LEON WOMACK, born in Okfuskee County, OK.;still living in Oklahoma, m. BARBARA ALLEN; in Oklahoma.

iv. JOANN WOMACK, born in Okfuskee Co., OK., m. MARIO ANTONIO RIOJAS; born in Monterrey, Old Mexico.

Bobby Ernest Womack

BOBBY ERNEST WOMACK was born in Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK. He married (1) ARTI LEE STATON in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, daughter of RICHARD STATON and IDA STANLEY. She was born in Waldon, OK. He married (2) LOLA BELLE PAGE. She was born in Olive, OK.. He married (3) COZENE ELIZABETH BROWN in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK, daughter of ROSCOE BROWN and LOVETA HAMPTON. She was born in Coal Co., OK.

Children of BOBBY WOMACK and ARTI STATON are:

i. ROGER GAIL WOMACK, born in Blanchard, McClain Co., OK; m. MARTA LEE PETERSON, in Davie, Broward Co., FL; born in Sacramento, CA.
(Compiler of this genealogy)

ii. RONA LEE WOMACK, born in Oklahoma City, OK.; m. (1) GARY NEAL HOWARD, born in Wichita, Kansas; m. (2) LARRY NEWTON STOUT, in Oklahoma City, OK; born in Missouri.


iii. RICHARD ERNEST WOMACK, born in Oklahoma City, OK; m. (2) VICKY WESTBROOK; m. (3) CLAUDIA KARINA RIVERA, Oklahoma City, OK.; born in Arequipa, Peru.


iv. GARY DWAYNE WOMACK, born in Oklahoma City, OK.; m. SHELLIE PHILLIPS, born in Oklahoma City, OK..

Gary Is the natural son of Cozene Elizabeth Brown and Hobert Brasher (deceased), adopted son of Bobby Ernest Womack

Roger Gail Womack

ROGER GAIL WOMACK was born in Blanchard, McClain Co., OK. He married MARTA LEE FLEENOR-PETERSON, in Davie, Broward Co., FL, Marta was the birth daughter of JOHN FLEENOR and PATSY TATE. She was born in Sacramento, CA.

Marta, wife of the compiler of this genealogy was the natural child of John Fleenor and Patsy Bell Tate. Marta was adopted at 5 months old by Robert Clayton Peterson and Phillis Lee Williams, the only parents she ever knew. In 1994 she found her birth mother Patsy Bell Tate. Patsy's mother was a Hardin, related to John Wesley Hardin (Murderer). Her birth father John Fleenor had passed away.

i. KAYLA LEE WOMACK, born in Miami, Dada Co., FL; Adopted child; m. KEITH JAMES MEYERHOFF, in Vancouver, Clark Co., WA; born in Oahu, Hawaii.

Natural daughter of Marta Lee Peterson and William Stevens Childs, Jr., adopted daughter of Roger Womack.

ii. ROGER SHANE WOMACK, born in Vancouver, Clark Co., WA.


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