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1.  Picture when I started....July 1, 2003
2.  Picture 9 months...........April 12, 2004
3.  Most current photo ...... Nov 17, 2004

( 1.)  I started the Atkins program July 1, 2003, my weight 295 pounds.  


(2.)  April 1, 2004:  9 months on Atkins, weight 185 pounds, a total loss of 110 pounds.  Still trying to get my six-pack abs back, not sure if it will happen but that is my goal now. I'm sure I will lose a few more pounds in the process. I'm on Atkins Life Time Maintenance.         

(3.) Most current photo; After 16 months on Atkins. Still staying on the low end of carbohydrate consumption as I tend to eat a lot of calories. I've gained a few pounds of muscle weight from working out, my current weight is 190 pounds and I'm still working on the six-pack abs. At age 51 it's definitely harder than it use to be. I feel great and my blood lipids are in excellent shape. 

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Info: Since 1990 my weight steadily climbed until I was 312 pounds, I tried a lot of diets and I did manage to lose about 17 pounds over several months but like most low-fat, higher carbohydrate diets I just couldn't stay on them, I just like to eat. I've been through the weight loss wars, Slim Fast, counting calories, counting points, fasts, liquid diets and  many other fad diets, I just found I just couldn't stay on a restrictive program, sure I could for a while and they all worked as long as I stayed on them, but just the idea of a lifetime of trying to control my weight by restricting portions was nothing but a setup for failure, at least it was for me. I had heard about Atkins from family members and friends who had lost weight on the Atkins program, but it went against everything I have been taught about nutrition and the rumor mill is rampant with misinformed, well meaning people on how unhealthy the Atkins Program is.  I did lose weight on the other diets but I was always hungry and when I returned to my old eating habits those pounds came back and brought a few more of their friends.  I needed to do something different so I picked up Atkins "New Diet Revolution" and read it.  I did a great deal of research on other researchers work on low-carbohydrate nutrition.  After reading Dr. Atkins book several times I decided to try it.  I began the Atkins Program July 1, 2003, starting weight, 295 pounds.
April 2004; after a little over 9 months on the Atkins Program my weight is 185 pounds, a loss of 110 pounds. I feel better and have more energy than I've had since my 20's.  I eat until I'm satisfied and I have no doubt I can live and eat well on this program. And it gets easier all the time as restaurants and food stores all over the country are making low-carb products, from candy bars, breads, pasta's to condiments. Atkins may not be for everyone, but if you have tried the others and failed, you might want to pick up his book and give it a read. 

Exercise: I have a simple weight work-out routine, one set 12-15 reps total body work out 3 days a week,  stretching exercises on one of the exercise balls, takes about 40-45 minutes total. I enjoy bicycling when I can,  however, here in the Pacific Northwest  I sure don't get out as much as I would like.

Vitamins: I take a daily Multivitamin, also many of the supplements Dr. Atkins recommends in Atkins "New Diet Revolution". Another great book is Dr. Atkins Vita-Nutrient Solution,  I highly recommend it, I picked mine up at Walmart  for $10.88.

After 1 year on Atkins:

Lipid Profile

July 2003

July 2004

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Stay with it and keep in touch.

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