Wilson County, Tennessee 

Census, 1920

Dist-House         Name              Relation    Sex  Race  Age   Marital Status    Birth Place


Watertown-117      Womac, George            Head             M        W       60                   M                       Tennessee

Watertown-117      Womac, Emma               Wife              F         W      54                    M                       Tennessee

Watertown-117      Womac, Hauce            Brother           M       W       50                    S                        Tennessee



Watertown-156     Womack, Smith              Head             M        W       24                   M                       Tennessee

Watertown-156     Womack, Nellie              Wife               F        W        23                  M                        Tennessee

Watertown-156     Womack, Terry               Son               M        W        3                    S                         Tennessee


Watertown-161     Womack, James            Head               M        W       65                  M                        Tennessee

Watertown-161      Womack, Lizzie            Wife                F         W       55                  M                         Tennessee


D19-127                  Womack, Mrs. Mary    Head                F        W        61                  W                        Tennessee

D19-127                  Womack, Sam                Son                 M       W        28                   M                        Tennessee

D19-127                  Womack, Josie     Daughter-In-Law    F        W        28                   M                        Tennessee

D19-127                  Womack, Elija          Grandson             M        W        5                     S                        Tennessee


D5-199                    Womack, George          Head                M        W       30                    M                       Tennessee

D5-199                    Womack, Florence        Wife                 F         W       20                    M                       Tennessee


D10-132                 Womack, Frank              Head                M        B        50                    M                       Tennessee

D10-132                 Womack, Willie              Wife                  F        B        44                    M                       Tennessee

D10-132                 Womack, Frank V.          Son                  M        B        24                     S                        Tennessee

D10-132                 Womack, Addie O. L.  Daughter            F         B       18                     S                        Tennessee


D10-140             Womack, Anderson      Head                M         B       72                     M                      Tennessee

D10-140                 Womack, Nora                Wife                 F          B      50                      M                      Tennessee

D10-140                 Womack, Fannie          Daughter            F          B       22                    Un                     Tennessee

D10-140                 Womack, John                Son                  M         B       21                    Un                      Tennessee

D10-140             Womack, Mary B.        Daughter            F          B       16                      S                      Tennessee

D10-140                 Womack, Tennie          Daughter            F          B       17                      S                      Tennessee

D10-140                 Womack, Laudie          Daughter            F          B       12                      S                      Tennessee


D16-98                   Womack, Chancy           Head                 F          B       62                     W                     Tennessee

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