Tennessee Rutherford Co. Census,


          Name                     Relation      Sex    Race   Age   Marital           Place of Birth                   Dist-House

Womack, Henry           Grandson        M     Mu      6            S                      Tennessee                         D5-92  


Womack, Joseph            Head             M       B       30          M                      Tennessee                       D15-190

Womack, Janie                Wife              F        B       35          M                      Tennessee                       D15-190 

Womack, Pauline        Daughter          F        B       18           S                       Tennessee                      D15-190

Womack, Buford             Son               M       B       15           S                       Tennessee                       D15-190

Womack, Dand               Son                M       B       13           S                       Tennessee                       D15-190

Womack, Craggie           Son                M       B         9           S                       Tennessee                       D15-190

Womack, Alice           Daughter           F         B         7           S                      Tennessee                       D15-190


Womack, Newton           Head               M       W       46         W                       Tennessee                   D24-48

Womack, Hershel            Son                 M       W       15          S                        Tennessee                   D24-48

Womack, Berdie           Daughter           F        W        12          S                        Tennessee                  D24-48

Womack, Lera               Daughter           F        W         11         S                        Tennessee                  D24-48

Womack, Clarence          Son                 M       W          7          S                       Tennessee                    D24-48


Peoples, Womack           Head               M       B          27         M                      Tennessee                     D3-464 


Womack, John K.           Head               M      W          75         M                     Tennessee                      D8-94 

Womack, Charlotte G.    Wife                F       W          68         M                     Tennessee                      D8-94 

Womack, Lelia             Daughter            F       W          40          S                      Tennessee                      D8-94 

Womack, Horace            Son                 M       W          39          S                      Tennessee                      D8-94 

Womack, Mary           Daughter            F        W          37          S                      Tennessee                      D8-94 


Womack, Itus               Head                 M       W          40         M                      Tennessee                     D11-45

Womack, Jannie           Wife                  F        W          30         M                      Tennessee                     D11-45 

Womack, Ellis               Son                   M       W          16          S                       Tennessee                     D11-45

Womack, Daisy M.  Daughter             F        W          14          S                       Tennessee                     D11-45 

Womack, Eudia          Daughter            F        W            9          S                       Tennessee                     D11-45 


Womack, Horace          Head                M       Mu         45         M                       Tennessee                    D13-388 

Womack, Hattie            Wife                 F        Mu         32         M                       Tennessee                    D13-388 

Womack, Horace Jr.     Son                  M       Mu         13          S                        Tennessee                    D13-388 

Womack, Johnnie     Daughter            F         Mu        14           S                        Tennessee                    D13-388 

Womack, Jenie             Son                   M      Mu         10           S                        Tennessee                    D13-388 

Womack, Bertha L.   Daughter            F        Mu          5             S                       Tennessee                    D13-388


Womack, George          Head               M       Mu         35            M                      Tennessee                   D13-453 

Womack, Jimmie D.       Wife               F         Mu        28            M                      Tennessee                   D13-453 

Womack, Vickie         Daughter           F         Mu        12             S                       Tennessee                   D13-453 

Womack, Marte         Daughter           F         Mu        11             S                       Tennessee                   D13-453 

Womack, Lula            Daughter           F         Mu         7               S                       Tennessee                   D13-453 

Womack, Edwin             Son                M        Mu         4               S                       Tennessee                   D13-453 

Womack, George M.     Son                M        Mu          3               S                       Tennessee                  D13-453 

Womack, James V.        Son                M        Mu       1 1/3            S                       Tennessee                  D13-453 


Womack, Rich B.          Head              M         W          37              M                     Tennessee                  D13-534 

Womack, Loutie            Wife               F          W          35              M                    Mississippi                 D13-534


Womack, Sarah         Daughter           F           W      3 5/12            S                     Tennessee                  D13-534 

Womack, B. T. Jr.          Son                M          W       8/12              S                     Tennessee                  D13-534 


Womack, Jessie            Head              M            B        26               M        Tennessee Murfreesboro City D13-250 Ward 5 

Womack, Maggie         Wife               F             B         21               M       Tennessee Murfreesboro City D13-250 Ward 5 

Womack, Lyons            Son               M             B         4                 S        Tennessee Murfreesboro City D13-250 Ward 5 

Womack, Jessie Jr.       Son                M             B         3                S         Tennessee Murfreesboro City D13-250 Ward 5


Wommack, Walter         Head            M             B         23               M       Tennessee Murfreesboro City     D13-95

Wommack, Cora B.        Wife             F               B        22                M       Tennessee Murfreesboro City     D13-95 

Wommack, L. C.              Son             M             Mu       4                 S        Tennessee Murfreesboro City     D13-95 

Wommack, Zadie M.   Daughter       F              Mu     9/12              S        Tennessee Murfreesboro City     D13-95 


Wommack, Mary            Head            F               B        52                W       Tennessee Murfreesboro City     D13-142 


Wommack, Martin          Head           M              B        80                 M       Tennessee Murfreesboro City     D13-227

Wommack, Anna            Wife            F                B       64                  M       Tennessee Murfreesboro City    D13-227

Smith County, Tennessee Census


  Womack, Clem A.        Boarder           M            W         44              M                    Tennessee                   D1-160 

Womack, Cora A.         Boarder            F             W         36              M                    Tennessee                   D1-160 

Womack, Clem Allen   Boarder            M            W         13              S                     Tennessee                   D1-160 

Womack, George          Boarder           M             W          8               S                     Tennessee                   D1-160

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